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Most people already have the Adobe reader but don’t realise its full potential.
Download one of these Interactive 3d pdf’s and see what you’ve been missing.
If you don’t have you Acrobat Reader you can get it here.

Make sure you open these pdf’s with Acrobat reader as they won’t play in a browser or in preview on a mac


Why choose interactive 3D visualisation?

Imagine being able to walk your clients through their finished projects step by step, before they are built. To put them right inside their exhibition, structure or product. Imagine the capability to highlight potential problems and implement any client changes, before they impact on schedule or budget. Well now you can in a PDF small enough to email.

This set-up shows how measurements can be used to accurately display the correct dimensions of the room. Download –  Room_5.pdf (303 downloads)




• Millimetre accurate dimensions
• Multiple views and angles
• Use of texture maps and lighting
• Embedded movies and audio
• Multiple rendered styles
• Animation

In this example a flash player embedded in the theatre screen, plays a movie when clicked. Download –  Kosmonoat (267 downloads)


The next level in visualisation

You can now have a fully immersive view into your project, in a universal format accessible to anyone with the free Adobe reader. By being able to quickly and accurately show your client the finished product in all aspects before even one cable, screw or fabricated unit is in place. You will have gained time and reduced costs, for you, the client and your manufacturer.

3d pdf has a multitude of application from digital catalogue of your products, architectural visualisation, as a kiosk installation or interactive map. The possibilities are endless.

This PDF uses animation to explore a 6mm LED Toshiba panel. Download –  Toshiba_6mm_LED.pdf (271 downloads)


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