Blooming Branded

The dandelion idea is a play-on-a-words and a metaphor. My thinking lead me to flowers, blooming in the height of summer. As a boy I remember watching the dandelions blowing over the fields. I liked the idea of making a wish each time you would blow the seed into the air.

Well clients, they wish for all sorts of things and Blooming aim to make them come true.
I liked the metaphor so I played with it a little and settled on the dandelion as the image.

Animating the original idea I had, seamed the obvious answer. Achieving this with Cinema 4d, buy using the hair plugin to create the delicate seed heads. This allowed me to add a touch of physics to the hair so the white feathers fluttered in the wind, as the stem swayed.

Finished off with a little After effects to create the text and grading.