Men in Black

Working here getting to grips with Sketch and Toon in Cinema 4d. This is a bit of a follow on piece to “THEY’RE HERE” Looking for a 1950’s style but with a modern twist. This …

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Trying some new techniques here to create a 2d/3d cell type shader look. Using Cinema 4D to build – After Effects to comp it together – Adobe Audition to record the voice & the character …

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Earth's core Cinema 4D animation

Earth’s Core

Peeling back the earth’s mantel we reveal the core, some 1,802 miles below Earth’s surface. Cinema 4D animation composited in Adobe After Effects with information callouts. A little subtle heat haze was added on top …

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HUD display

H.U.D Display VFX

A virtual H.U.D display created by 3d tracking footage in AE then 3d eyeglass build in C4d and rendered out with multi passes – Back to AE to composite – H.U.D main interface built with …

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Alien Element 3d

Alien Element 3d a personal project. I wanted to see how far I could push the new plugin and this is what I cam up with, a little nod to the alien series and HR Giger.   …

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