Welcome to the LAB, come see what’s on the slab…..

This is where I share personal projects, snippets of ideas. It’s a place for me to test things out and see what happens.

April 2018

More testing with using Mixamo and fuse to create a quick character. Then rendering in element 3d to cut the render time in half.


Something from the archives test lab element 3d animation engine test


November 2016

Today is all about space MAN! AE work with the Trapcode suite



Digital earth




July 2016: A quick test for an up and coming project.


April 2016: Sabre a new free plugin from VideoCopilot This is me playing around.

Feb 2016: HUD graphics test AE
Having a play with shape layers and Element 3d in this one for a HUD look.

Used here in this Virtual helmet HUD test plate


Jan 2016: Audio Driven Animation A
I ventured back into Element 3d for the first time in about 8 months. You know when you get that feeling you’re loosing brain cells and the skills have gone? So it was time to dive back in. Well I spent a couple days recently animating, using sound to trigger the effects.
Each sound is a separate track, I did this to maximise the clarity of the sound keys conversions. Then using expressions to drive the sound data through Element 3d to produce the animation.



After testing the theory out I’m moving on to a 3-4min section of the full track. It’s half  way through so far, the next step will be camera work, maybe a handheld look? Some extra elements for the remaining instruments then…..still lots to do.


December 2015 – Someone recently asked me how to go about making a film strip effect.
So I had a go to work out how, this is it.


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